Welcome to the internet site of United Care USA, Inc. We have been providing child abuse prevention and child safety awareness books, literature, and information to concerned parents, teachers and caring adults for the last eight years. We advocate that the “Abuse Syndrome” is truly an epidemic in society and that the only real way to stop abuse, exploitation, molestation and abduction of a child is to educate, inform and alert children, parents and the public before the abuse occurs.

We hope you enjoy your visit. We look forward to your interest in United Care USA’s non-threatening educational coloring books, abuse prevention literature, and safety guidelines for parents. And don’t forget our FREE Child Fingerprinting and ID Kit.

Our Mission

United Care USA is a non-profit IRS designated 501-C-3 Membership corporation, exempt from federal and state taxes and supported by public contributions. An organization dedicated to promoting awareness and prevention of child molestation abuse, abduction and exploitation.


ID Kit

Fingerprints, DNA (hair follicle with root), Social security number , birthmarks, height-weight, color of eyes and hair.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are designed to help adults teach children about child abuse. Each book targets children four to ten years old.

Political Activisim

Chances are that you know someone that has been abused. That’s because one out of every five persons in the United States today has at one time been abused.