Charitable Purpose

United Care USA is a national public charity, chartered as a non-profit 501-C-3 membership corporation, exempt from federal and state taxes, and supported by public contributions. The central charitable purpose is to promote awareness and prevention of child abuse, abduction and exploitation; distribute free publications and educational information to concerned citizens; promote volunteerism and self help groups; sponsor film presentations for schools, kindergartens and civic organizations; maintain nationwide toll-free 800 “child abuse hot line”; educate the public relating to the mental health and well being of exploited, battered, emotionally and sexually abused children under 18 years of age.

Among the many diverse services, publications and benefits provided are:

  1. A Membership Certificate with which you can proudly declare your participation in United Care USA, a child advocacy network of thousands of concerned individuals, working together to improve the lives of children everywhere and dedicated to providing a stronger voice for children to our Legislators and members of Congress.
  2. “We Care,” the United Care USA Newsletter* A bimonthly publication promoting awareness and prevention of child abuse, abduction and exploitation; including safety tips for parents and children, research reports, public policy, local and national programs and statistics.
  3. Telecommunications Services: National 24 hour toll-free “800” hot line (1-800-955-TIPS) serves as a national reporting advocate and as a national clearinghouse of information directed at insuring the protection of all exploited, abducted or abused children.
  4. Child Fingerprint Identification and Physical Profile: Offered periodically by all “chapters” (i.e., at malls, schools, kindergartens, daycares, libraries, etc.). Call for dates scheduled in your area.
  5. Movies-Videos: The United Care USA Library and Resource Center provides video movies promoting awareness and prevention of child molestation, exploitation, physical, emotional and sexual abuse for individual families, schools, kindergartens and civic organizations. If you have the audience, we have the video.
  6. Publications: We distribute free child abuse prevention literature to selected schools, libraries, daycare centers and kingergartens located in areas where we have “chapters.” To be placed on our mailing list, call our 800 number.
  7. A Program of Certification: which gives members the opportunity to be recognized as a “Philanthropy Member” recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions to philanthropy.
  8. Educational Scholarships: Provided by the United Care USA scholarship fund including, but not limited to: attracting the “Best and Brightest” to child protective social work, and to encourage child protective workers to upgrade their skills and knowledge.
  9. Support Personnel: When we receive crisis calls, we can stay on the line with the caller(s) until police arrive. We refer all calls to an organization that can provide appropriate assistance. These organizations can include: State and Local Child Protective Services, the Department of Human Resources, Children’s Services, local Police, FBI, school Truancy Officers and/or local Crisis Centers.
  10. Computer Database: We maintain a nationwide computer database of referral and Hot line information. This information is accessible to police, FBI, and courts of law to assist in crime solving and conviction of abusers.
  11. Legislative Alerts: We bring members information on state and national legislative activity, provide consultation at the request of legislators, representing the opinion of United Care USA members with regard to pending child abuse legislation.
  12. A Service Staff: available by telephone, mail and in person, to respond to your requests for information, publications, videos, locations of child ID operations, etc.

Should you want more information about United Care USA’s individual services, membership, certification, publications and/or scholarships, please give us a call, we’re here.

* To be added to our “We Care” mailing list, write United Care USA, 6245 Rufe Snow Dr, Suite 280, Fort Worth, TX 76148